Month one: DONE! - Welcome Month 2 - No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day

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Month one: DONE! - Welcome Month 2


So proud of myself to have completed a whole calendar month - i have stopped counting the days too (it is now day 31, i had to work it out!)

Finding i just want to eat all the time though but i have noticed I dont think about smoking as often as i should e.g. straight after work - it usually dawns on my about an hour after work that i never thought about one!!

Still using the mist though and plan on using this through month 2 but gradually wean myself off it. I am in no hurry to be off NRT if it helps me be a non smoker for life :)

Have had two nights out when i have drank excessively and the second night out was easier than the first in the respect that i didnt think about smoking as much. I definitely feel as though my brain is being trained to that of a non smoker, dont get me wrong, i still think about smoking but have no desire to actually smoke! Result :D

Love reading everyones post as i can relate to them so much so thought i would write one of my own in Month 2 forum woop!! :D

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Time does seem to have flown Im a couple of days ahead of you (D34.}

I remember reading the 30 day posts in 1st week or so and thinking it seemed impossible. Think the same now about the penthouse but Guess it is that day at a time thing, keep calm and carry on:)

Congrats to both of you for reaching such and important mile stone!

However remeber the "Terrible" three's

3 hours

3 Days

3 Weeks

3 Month's

3 Years (LMAO)

Craves "creep" up on you (Out of nowhere) I found the third month to be the worst, from there on it was smooth sailing, as i have said on other post's weeks now go by with out me thinking of smoking.

Stay Strong

Regards Gary

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