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day 8, help!!

this is the worst day ever :(

Idk how much longer i can go, I suffered from mild depression before but Wow!

been at college today couldn't concentrate on anything because I was worrying about everything and anything, my heads gone crazy all over the place :/ I can't stop shaking and been having panic attacks all day, so emotional feeling the lowest I've ever felt. want to carry on quitting most of the time and sometimes I don't want to give up at all, just want to crawl into bed and never get out!! :(

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Oh Shakera

Did you go to the doctor today?. Why don't you talk to your mum and tell her how you are feeling, she can help you. I feel for you, sometimes things seem too much but for every problem there is a solution you just have to find it. Tell your mum or someone you are close to how you are feeling and ask for some help.


Hi Shakiera,

I'm sorry to hear about your day. I understand. I had a rollercoaster of emotions near day 8. I did some research as to what I could take herbally to help me and found Passion Flower, it is a natural aid to anxiety. I noticed a difference within a day of taking it. But for now in the short term, If you can run, run it out, or do sit ups or take a hot shower , or cry if you need to. Just don't smoke .

You can do it.... a cigarette will not help you feel better, this is the mental part. hang in there.


Sweetie pie, hang on in there. It seems this has been a really bad day for lots of us. You are doing sooo well. A couple of practical things....put a paper bag over your nose and hold it there (not kidding) and breathe into it. Do this esp when having a panic attack. There is a scientific basis to this. When we get anxious, the fight or flight response kicks in, part of this means we breathe fast and shallow to get lots of oxygen on board ready to run or fight. This flushes out carbon dioxide from your lungs. Carbon dioxide is a relaxant. When you just breathe into the paper bag, you cause a build up of carbon dioxide. When you breathe it back in, it starts to calm the fight or flight response down.

Also, get some rescue remedy drops and take them, four drops on your tongue, four times a day, every single day. Take more regularly when panicking.

You have come soooo far. This isn't nicotine withdrawal, its your mind and the mental addiction causing the panic symptoms.

Use the paper bag lots, and not just with a panic attack. Keep it by the bed and use it last thing at night, and first thing in the morning. Try it. Its really good when you've gone past the point of being able to control your breathing.

sleep tight x


Hi Shakeira,

I've been pretty positive throughout my quit but I have had 2 big wobbles and the last one was on my 8th day too.

You've done so well to get this far and it will start getting easier.

You just need to hang tough and get through it.

Try and think how you would feel if, having suffered to get this far, you had a smoke and put yourself back at the beginning again.

I teach 16-18 year olds at college and very few of them have the resolve and determination that you have.

Believe you can get through it and you will. The nicotine has gone from your body now, the rest is now a mental battle which you can win.

Just keep coming on the forum when it gets tough as there will always be someone online to help you through the tough times.



Hi Shakeira

Your not on your own, i had my worst day yesterday. i nearly didnt make it. I didnt know what was happening to me, i was fine until mid afternoon then as you have probably read, it didnt lift until will in to th evening.

The monster inside is tricking your body, you have to be strong and tell yourself that its only a craving it will pass, maybe not straight away, maybe in an hour but it will pass.

If you need to get away from every thing then get away. i feel like that too, things just seem to close in dont they. i just needed no one last night even this forum was not what i needed. i had to apologies to dolly because she thought she had upset me before my wobble came on, i had to ask my good mate Capitan (aka Gary) if we could talk later, and i knew he needed help after a pretty tough day for him.

Sometimes you just need to be with yourself only, walk like i do, just talk yourself round, get a bath/shower, breath deeply and sigh out loud. stamp your feet, scream, kick lamp posts thats what i was going to do last night.

They do pass the bad ones, im witness to that. ;)


Hi Si

You sound so much better today, great to hear, shakera take positivity from the fact that we all have rubbish days when it doesn't seem worth all the pain but when you have passed these times you realise it is totally worth it and we all gain strength from the bad days. I dread the late afternoons which have been nearly unbearable for me and yet today at about 8 oclock I suddenly realised that I hadn't even thought about it, you will get there.


Hi dolly yeah im good tonight, we have to help each other dont we to beat this bloody drug addiction. Do you know i think were slowly but surely doing So.

We will drag the newbies who are in there early days, kicking and screaming along with us. Towards the light. it looks so bright. Hmmm Penthouse. i can taste it....



This might be worth looking into Shakeira...



I'm better now- ish :)

went to doctors and they put me on anti depressants for a couple of weeks until I feel better so fingers crossed :L


Great to hear Shakeira :cool:

You are now on Day 11 and if you can hold your quit through these bad times you are going to be able to quit for good :D



Totally agree, my Day 8 also, and by far the worse for cravings, but hey, look, its almost 3, half the day over and not succumbed and neither shall I.

Just bought myself a sit-up bar as well, a few pounds have gone on around the mid drift. :eek:


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