No Smoking Day
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finally done it!


I have tried and failed 3 times upto now, well i had decided to quit today but fate intervened and i had my last cig at 7pm last 18 month old managed to grab my cigs of my kitchen top and snapped them up, so i just decided to do it there and then

last time i quit i felt depressed and had no energy and couldnt keep my eyes open, but this time i am using the inhalator and i actually feel great, had a few cravings but drank water or eaten a carrot and had a puff on my inhalator.

i think it helped starting last night as i had 8 hours sleep in between,

i also started weight watchers 2 weeks ago so am hoping i wont put on any weight if i keep watching my points lol.

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Nice one Annie, my quit was not planned either and it too started late at night giving me a night of sleep to start with.

Your motivation is an 18 month old bundle of joy who was clearly giving you a sign that night.

Good luck and stay on the forum - it's a fabulous place to be and a great source of strength when you need it.



thank you capitan

Yes he definately seemed to be telling me something ha.

I am going to bed soon, bit worried that the evening cravings may start to kick in, but feeling quite happy at the moment xx


Try this...

Carry around a small item of your baby's clothing that has his/her? scent on it.

Every time you are tempted, smell it.

Think about how much you want to be fit and well for your little one.

The best motivation of all :)


yes thank you, thats a good idea xx


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