No Smoking Day
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Quit day tomorrow

Hi all,

I am new to this forum but sadly not new to trying to quit. My reasons for quitting will probably sound familiar to most i.e. save money, better lifestyle and being healthier. I am proactive on the fitness front, as being a member of the Armed Forces dictate that I should be. However I have in the passed 18 months developed injuries preventing me to train as I would like. I have been told that smoking slows the bodies recovery time, so therefore this is a big reason for me to quit.

Bye for now

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Good luck and we'll be with you all the way!

Welcome, welcome, welcome.....

Never stop trying to quit, you can do this, are you using NRT, Champix or CT? Whichever way good luck

Sara :)


Thanks all

I will be using patches as they seem to work for me in the past, just my weak will failed me.

Can not use Champix with the job that I do unfortunately.


Some of the side effects prohibit me from using weapons, which unfortunately for my job is a necessity. However I have now gone 8hrs so far with my OH smoking around me, wouldn't say craving free, but manageable at present. Now to combat the boredom as she is at work til 10 tonight.


good job no ones given me any weapons while i've been giving up!


lol, yes I am dreading going back to work, not because of the weapons, but because everyone in my section smokes. Guess I will just have to laugh as they freeze and I stay warm.


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