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Raised Carbon Monoxide levels


Well, have just been to see nurse to get another supply of patches...

am gutted....

when I first quit my cm level was 39 - really high!

two weeks ago it was 7, that surprised me as it was equivalent to a light smoker and I hadn't had a fag in over 3 weeks.

today it was 11 :eek:

why would that be? haven't had a fag, don't have a gas fire, don't passive smoke either?

am gutted....

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So strange. I went for that test years ago and hadnt had a smoke in a few hours and it was 2 lol. Nurse was not amused as it did not teach me anything!

Dont know why yours is 11, possibly car exhaust fumes etc. Dont know an awful lot about it but i remember the nurse said to me that mine was 2 just due to the fumes from cars etc, non smokers would be around that!

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