No Smoking Day
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Hang in there- it is worth it!!

Hey anyone who is reading this,

I just got to day 9 (not an easy journey) but I wanted to come on here and say stay strong, IT IS WORTH IT!! Embrace the cravings and watch them pass. Every time u do that u are a little bit stronger! They should last around 3 minutes- find something to do for 5!!

IT IS WORTH IT!! Keep smiling and hang in there!!

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Hi mate thanks for the vote of confidence. I too am on day 9. If someone had said to me ten days ago you will be on your way to being a non smoker I would have laughed. But here I am. Like you say mate not an easy road and certainly not a short one either. But we must keep chipping away at the days. Si


The cravings are actually in your head. :) its the nicotine monster just trying to get you back in the trap! Don't fall for it.


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