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4 months done

4 months without smoking. well done me. what a roller coaster.My friend Jon died at the beginning of my quit and it was his memmorial service to celebrate his life yesterday which was lovely but today i feel sad that i'll never see him again.r.i.p. Jon. no cigarette could ever bring comfort for how i feel. so its onwards i go without tobacco and whatever life throws at me i wont put up a smoke screen.

Mash x

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Well done you....that's a massive achievement.........especially with what you have been dealing with.....:)


great job on your 4 months! you are proof that you can go through life at its worst without smoking!! so congrats!!!!


Well done - really well done - on a solid four months. Life can throw what it likes at you, smoking doesn't make any problems go away, it can only add to them.

Keep going, and be very very proud of yourself.



Well done mash - its a great milestone :D


well done mash proud of u



well done Mash you have done brilliantly, keep up the good work.

never quit quitting

jenni x


And a Very Big Well Done from me too. It's not easy, this lark. But it is worth it.

Congratulations, Mash.



thanx all for your replies just been in a crashing deppression for two days, just felt incredibly sad . fixed my bike this a.m and took it for a spin into the countryside which was bloody perishing and i got a puncture which i had to fix made me boiling mad i had a hissy fit which warmed me up and now im back home .fire on ,toast and coffee feeling suddenly very happy aaahhh. will be doing more of this as iv doubled in size and its worth it for the endorphin rush..

mash x


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