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Mental Dreams

Hi All

Made it into Month 2 which i am very very happy about!! Went Cold Turkey on New Years Eve

This past week though I have had the most vivid dreams. Some are pretty bizarre also and some seem normal. I booked a holiday to Australia and go in May and a lot of my dreams are either on a plane or waiting at the airport with very bizarre goings on. Nothing really bad so not nightmares.

The other thing that keeps happening is I am sleeping through my alarm. I have been late Monday and this morning for work. Not by much and I put enough hours in that its not noticed so its not a problem but its very unlike me. Not sure why this is.

Anyway, will see if I am more with it tomorrow morning!

Hope everyone is going good!



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Congrats on getting onto month 2 :cool:

Having odd dreams whilst quitting is by no means unusual. There is some thought that this may be your sub-conscious mind working through the problems of the day. Maybe there is something to that as you've booked up a long haul flight recently and now your dreams are flying related.

Don't worry as your sleeping patterns will return back to normal as your body gets more and more used to living without the daily poisoning of nicotine.


Hi Ben

I too am a new years quitter ad also my husband,well done on getting to day 31!!!!

I had very vivid dreams to start with usually about my kids but not bad but I would remember them almost word for word. My sleeping was cock a hoopy and having been somebody who absolutely loved their sleep and was often in bed by 9 to get my 8 hours to suddenly only be having about 4 hours sleep a night and broken sleep at that was extremely tiresome but I knew it was all part of the quit!

Now I too can sleep through my alarm,snooze it god knows how many times and I am tending to sleep the majority of the night now. I really think it is just our bodies recovering from all the chemical abuse it has been given and learning how to adjust to being free from those chemicals.

Don't fret too much over it, It will sort it self out I am sure.

Well done and carry on quitting!!!



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