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Day 2.....eek!!


Morning!! Slept really bad and had crazy dreams!! Massive headache and body feels as though its shutting HOWEVER I MADE IT PAST DAY 1!!! So yeah, I feel a bit crappy but it's totally worth it. In uni today and got placement late tonight- so should be tough but busy day. Im still feeling positive. So nice to read people's positive messages and encouragement :)

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Yeay! Well done. I made it to day 2 as well. Feels harder today though... See how it goes, I will not give in 😊:)

yay!! we did it!! 2 days- its a good start!!

Felt really dizzy all day- not sure if I should be worried. pupils massive and world spinning a bit- is this normal? feeling better now tho.

From what I've read, people have all sorts of side effects so I don't think it's anything to worry about. I was reading something earlier that said 'some people say they have trouble sleeping, whilst others say they sleep better' talk about covering all bases!!

Day 3 is on the horizon... 😳

lol. too true- im suprised they didnt say "and some people don't change their sleep pattern" lol.

apparently the dizzyness is my brain getting used to the increase in oxygen , lol. thats a little worrying....its a good thing...but worrying to think the amount of damage I have done!! bring on day 3 :) woop!!

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