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Day 26

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well.

Coming to the end of day 26 and feel dam good. Im so proud ive got this far.

I no longer feel like ive lost my friend, ive accepted there will be no more smoking for me. When i first gave up (first 2 weeks) i felt totally gutted and upset that i was not smoking.

Did anyone find that when they were smoking, you never actually admitted to anyone the full extent of your habit. i.e how many you smoked in 1 day, however when you give up you freely tell the truth lol, as you know your in control.

Although im a little worried about lowering my dose on the patches soon, argghh.

Good luck everyone and keep thinking positive and keep telling yourself why you are giving up


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Nice 1 jen37 on 27 days - Ive dodged into month 1 after 24 days, which I cant decide is the right one to be in.

Agree on the lying to yourself and others when smoking I always said less than 20 a day more like 10 but bought a packet every day or got thro a box of duty free in less than 10 days. I could never understand how I still managed this even with all the bans in work/pubs etc.

Im a bit behind you and bought step 2 patches today, but like you worries me stepping down. Although with help from the forum I have developed a real hatred of past smoking me and toying with sacking the patches alltogether. But scares me might cock it all up. I spent 20 mins in the NRT aisle of supermarket umming and ahhing but bought some anyway.

Day at a time and all that


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