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The promise

After so many failed re-starts, getting to day 4 then giving in, I decided I was not coming back onto this forum until I had completed a week. Well here I am back and its one week today.

Im not going to say it was easy, I found it easier the last time around, but I understand more of whats happening to me this time.

Last time I joined at day 3 and lasted for about 10 weeks (?), this time its day 7 and there will be no more day sevens for me.

I hope everyone that was here before is still going strong.

Lillie xxx

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A week is a real milestone, you won't have to do those first seven days ever again!!!

I have had a few failed attempts but like you I'm determined that this is THE quit. Only we can make it happen.

Felt a bit gutted today when I was talking to someone in my family about a holiday in August and coping with the friends we go with (who smoke) and the family member said "Not being cynical but you could be smoking again by then"!!!! Just makes me more determined to prove them wrong!

Keep strong x


Hey Una

Thanks so much for that. Everything is great, even work lol. I didnt want to keep posting and failing so I took the time to get a good run behind me before becoming active again.

Ive taken up my old habits of reading everything that everyone posts as it takes my mind off the evil weed, and always gave me that incentive to succeed.

So here's to a successful and long term quit.

Lillie x


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