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Day 6... feels like hell!!!

Hi everyone,

I quit smoking last sunday at 12am exactly, so coming up to a week now, am using patches.... and what seems to be food and loads of it...

I do not want to smoke no more, i have that strong feeling, but i feel so down and sad/miserable and ever so angry at times too, i snap at everyone and everything, i almost feel depressed, and very worried.

I suffer with a few mental problems already, and see A CBT weekly, but am just so scared am going to be left in this mood? has anyone else ever felt like this is this normal.

i just feel quite like the world is ending, i quit in may last year and never felt this bad?

thanks Clair

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Don't be scared, it will be ok. I'm on day 6 too and find i'm craving in the evenings. My OH still smokes and it was our social smoking time, so it's tricky.

I'm sure if you already had some depression problems, this may temporarily make it a bit worse, but don't convince yourself it's going to send you into a bottomless pit. You are doing really well and it's all going to be fine in the end x


Hi Clair

Everything that you describe is very common in the early days of quitting. Your body and your mind are having to make huge adjustments, and even though this is the best thing that you can do for yourself, it is not surprising if the process feels a bit traumatic.

The trick is to try and stay as calm as you possibly can, and not allow yourself to wallow in the negative feelings when they wash over you. It can help if you remind yourself that you are reacting to quitting, not to those people around you or life circumstances that you are dealing with. This will help you to keep things in perspective.

Just hang tight, and it will all start getting easier. The feelings will become less frequent and less intense. Come on here to post and vent your feelings - we have all been through it, and understand. :)


Thanks everyone,

My mood has picked up alot now, seems to come in waves, not really having any cravings just this mood.... i havent ever suffered with depression, i just have other mental issues, i have a phobia that controls my life to a point, so this dull feeling is pretty new to me and hoping it is just withdrawal? x


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