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My reasons


I think like most people I have the usual reasons, anyone can really see that smoking is not a good idea. From the health to the smell and cost, its all just bad.

I do it because of the nicotine addiction rather than any real pleasure or benefit.

I think the real reason is that I hate the whole addiction, stopping is constantly on my mind and smoking prevents me from doing the things I really enjoy.

I like martial arts and sports and whilst I'm fairly fit, smoking and the cough puts me off doing it. It saps my motivation and I just don't do as much of these things I enjoy.

Also I love singing and due to smoking restricting my breathing I don't practice as much.

So many things will improve for me almost immediately, I can just enjoy living the life I really want to live without this addiction constantly bothering me and reducing my life satisfaction.

I'm motivated so I think that will really help. It will be good to enjoy all of these benefits :)

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Great reasons Jimmy - and it is useful to record them like this to act as a reminder if you feel a bit wobbly sometimes.

Other ex smokers who sing have said that the quality of their voice has improved after quitting.

My son does mixed martial arts, and it always amazes me to see some fighters nipping out for a quick smoke before they fight! Never seen any of them win, though! :rolleyes:

Good luck to you - you sound well motivated, though, and that is a great start.

Its a horrible trap to be in for sure. But thats how we have to see it, as a trap. Nobody in their right mind (unless ur suicidal) would inhale fumes from a car exhaust but what we do when we smoke a cigarette isn't too far off that. Ok, so you most likely won't shorten your life as fast, but you sure as hell ARE shortening it.

I think I shall be imagining myself trying to smoke a car exhaust whenever a craving starts lol stoopid I know but if the image repulses me against smoking that cigarette then so be it.

Anyways, great reasons and I echo many of them. Not the singing tho. Can't sing at all but it's not for wont of trying haha Good luck :)

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