No Smoking Day
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Week 3 & a bit

We had some freinds round for chinese last night.

A big deal was made in congratulating me on stopping smoking - god does that make me cringe with embarrassment, make me think how long there is to go before you can say that and wish i hadnt told anyone.

My mate's(never a smoker) wife instructed him to say well done, he looked at her and then me like we were both mad/sad & stupid - about right

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Yes it makes me cringe too.

I didn't tell my work mate for a month - wish I hadn't told them at all.

This sites the best re common sense. We are all in it together!


I havnt told many at work, and it is so odd how when I was smoking I was so concious that everyone knew, could smell, that I was sneaking off for a smoke, and now im not, no one seems to notice.

Really you are on your own and I do find this forum handy to sound off and share the good, the bad and ugly of it all


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