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Struggling on Day 28

I'm on day 28 of quitting smoking, and I had a really hard time tonight. I went bowling, and I never realized that that was one of my triggers. I almost broke down crying in the middle of the bowling alley I wanted a cigarette so badly. I feel like I shouldn't have moments like that after this many days of quitting. I'm just afraid that it's never going to get better for me. It's taking all of my strength not to go buy a pack of cigarettes right now. I think I'll be able to make it through the night, but how many more night like this can I have before I break down? It's so frustrating.

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you are doing great orb - this is normal for a quit. Have you read A Carrs book re triggers etc? I find it's a great help. :)


I am on day 23 not far behind you. There are going to be moments and triggers for what at the moment seems for ever stretching ahead. Need to, by whatever means, keep one step ahead.

You have done great to get to 28 days and hopefully now you have done the bowling and refrained next time and time after will get easier - good luck


great job

Hi there -

I am on day 30, so right next to you in line. Going bowling during the first month is actually something that I have avoided because I feared I would not be strong enough! So amazing job making it through the night.

Every time you do an activity that used to involve smoking, but now as a non-smoker, the first time is going to be just as difficult as day 1 of quitting. But you just need to get through that first time. When it's finished, your memory of NOT smoking during that activity will be the freshest. And your next bowling trips will get easier and easier. Don't fret.

Something that has helped me is to just EXPECT that introducing new activities - or even seeing old smoking buddies for the first time - is going to be incredibly difficult. So, I go prepared with my defenses up and am not surprised or disappointed when I get a craving. It has helped (at least a little) for me :)



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