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My first day of quitting!

Hello everyone,

I have just joined up and thought that I would introduce myself. I am 32 years of age and I have smoked rolling tobacco fulltime for the last 16 years. I smoked approx 20 per day. I have made a few 'half hearted' attempts to stop in the past but I am now feeling ready and determined to quit. Joining up on this forum has been part of my plan which I have been working on this evening (breathing & craving dealing techniques etc). I am using a nicotine patch and a rechargeable electronic cigarette from I am feeling quite scared to be honest but I must quit this time. Here goes day one!


Gary :)

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All the best!

Hi Mindset

All the best - you seem to be very well prepared. Electronic cigarettes seem to be a good idea. I've never seen one - apparently they're banned in Australia. First time I heard of them was on this forum.

Any aid to assist quitting smoking has got to be good. I'm on Champix & have reached day 8. I think Champix works although you still have to manage cravings at times. I'm getting better at that - telling myself "this too will pass".

Good luck


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