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No Smoking Day
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Well looking back day 1 and day 2 were relatively easy, but day three is proving to be a bit more trying!! Tried to sleep in this morning so the day would be shorter, but just ended up getting up in the end. Popped out to the shops and all I could see were smokers, funny I took no notice of them before. I kept telling myself this morning how desperate they all looked and they didn't even look as though they were enjoying them they quickly puffed them down so they could get back inside.

I really want to quit this time, I've had enough of the fags, I'm generally such a stubborn person why can't I be stubborn with smoking!!!

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Keep going

Hi Vic,

I'm on my 3rd day of quitting as well, but I've used Champix. My wife and I stopped on the same day and we are both using Champix. It really is a great replacement for the usual Nicotine stuff, and we have had very few side effects. I would recommend this if you do start smoking again, but keep going. You've done 3 days, try and get to a week then set your goals afterwards. Remember smoking is more addictive than heroin, so quitting for 3 days is a great achievement.


Err there'll be no blips on my watch thank you very much! If you succumb then you'll leave me with no alternative but to swat you with my naughty stick. Don't do it. Don't even think of having a choice in whether you smoke or not. When I stop on Monday, I'm gonna try real hard to tell my brain there are no choices in this, the only way forward is the smokeless route. Maybe by taking away the 'choice', any battles in my head will sod off! Hmm So don't give yourself the option of smoking, mentally take it away and remind yourself you are now a proud non smoker :)


Congrats on getting on to day 3 :)

Stubborn-ness got me the first 5 and 1/2 months of my quit. Thereafter I turned things around and the journey became a lot easier.

We tell ourselves we are going to stop smoking and that's what we wished to do. We make plans to whatever degree and even choose the method. We tell others we don't smoke anymore and that's repeated to ourselves especially so when we fight against the urges/craves.

But somehow we also feel that in someway we are missing out! If that's still there at the root of it all then it's no wonder we struggle, and in some instances lose the battle.

Surely there has to be the acceptance that we will no longer smoke. That seems to be quite simplistic or silly even, of course we do that :rolleyes:

But then we can also think of smoking as our best friend...and we've lost that. How can smoking be our friend? That's plain stoopid. Our real friends don't enslave us, nor make us smelly, make breathing laboured and wheezy, empty our pockets of a huge amount of money...bring us to an early and difficult painful death.

By not smoking you aren't missing out, not in the least :)


Thanks for your support guys, made it though day 3 - yipee!!! Going to tell myself there is no choice anymore, I just simply don't smoke!!!

I thought about doing Champix this time, even got the prescription, but I decided I would try one last time on the patches. I reckon I might actually pull it off this time!!!

I know I'm not missing out on anything, I'm gaining by not smoking!! But in those dark moments of hanging for a ciggie my mind tries to convince me I am missing out on smoking, my best friend my everything!!! But every night as I lie in bed (well 3 so far) I smile to myself and think you little beauty I beat those little bastards today!!!!


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