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murder she wrote... on day 26

so.. day 26. please wonderful forum share your experiences with me. i realised this evening that i am like a coiled up spring ready to spring (if you see what i mean?).

i feel so tense as if the last 26 days is just building and building into some frenzy of anger and frustration.

is it just me? i keep reading that things will get better but every day just seems to get more fretful and more difficult... if i lived within walking distance to a fag-shop, i would have given in i'm sure... but i don't, so i haven't!

is there anyone out there feeling the same?

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Hang in there stuffy. What method are you using? I am also at day 26 and I have came close once or twice today (I have fags right next to me because my OH smokes) but I have resisted the urge. Just remember, at this point it is just a have no more nicotine and additives in you (unless you use the patch). Even with the patch the urge should be going away.

I do feel for you as this afternoon was pretty stressful for me. I was doing income taxes and couldn't get the computer to cooperate with me and file the dog gone things, but I finally got taxes done and I did NOT smoke.

Just think of how terrible it would be to give in now....the hard work is done. We are winning now and must keep up the battle. I don't ever want to go through those 26 days again. Day 27 and forward!! ppat


Dont give up giving up.You have come so far x x x


I'm not bloody giving in! ppat - I've been reading your posts and feel as though you are an ally - so let's stick together. It makes me feel better knowing other people are going through the same (which is a bit mean!).

I started stopping with the patch for just under a week and then ditched it and together with this forum and a bit of allen carr I am kicking 20 years+ of a packet a day out the window.

This forum is brilliant and so is everyone on it.... WAY TO GO DAY 27!



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