Day 2

Well I've made it through day 1 and am now into day 2.

It hasn't been that hard, as I quit on 6 Jan for two weeks and then started up again for a few days, so I think I kind of broke the routine of smoking last quit. Don't get me wrong I still think about smoking nearly all the time, but it's not so much of fight with myself not to have one this time. I think I'm more worried about the two week mark. I think at the start of my quits I'm very determined but by week 2 I kind of lose that full on desire to quit. Probably just my mind playing games on me.

I find when I quit smoking I get extremely tired. I often wake through the night but can quite easily go back to sleep, I think if I let myself I could also sleep all day!!! I don't think it would make a difference how much I slept through the night, I'd still be tired. Does anyone get that??

I was meant to head out today for Australia Day, lots of grog usually today, but I think I'll just stay home and away from the partying, because I think as soon as a drop of wine hits my lips I'd kill for a ciggy.

Think I might spend the day cleaning (hmm not very appealing - but if it keeps my mind of smoking it'll do)

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  • Well done Vic.

    Have you written down your reasons for quitting? This can be really powerful to strengthen your motivation when you are having a wobble.

    Feeling tired and thinking about smoking all the time are both normal, so nothing to worry about. If you can find a way to break through that two week barrier, you will see that these things sort themselves out over time.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for your support Mrs T, haven't written down my reasons for quitting but I think I might and keep them handy!! If i can get past the 2 week mark I think I'll be laughing, should just lock myself away and throw the key away for 2 weeks!!

    Well I'm now at the end of day 2, house is sparkling and I attempted to make creme caramels - they tasted awful :o) oh well maybe I'll replace my time of smoking with cooking (I'm a bit of a walking disaster in the kitchen!!)

    Cravings today weren't to bad, using the patches, but man am I tired!!!

    bring on day 3 feeling strong!!!

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