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3rd Day

I have been contemplating stopping smoking for many months now. I finally planned my stop date and smoked my final cigarette on Sunday night. I am using nicorette gum, which I find helps with the cravings and the last 2 days have been OK. I am struggling on day 3 and whilst I walked about at lunch time screwing my nose up at the smell of smoke when people smoking, I have a little demon in my head saying "just one".........

My sleep was rotten last night and found myself wide awake. Not sure if this is because I finally have enough oxygen in my system, withdrawl of nicotine or too many gums!

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Probably a mixture of all 3 :p.

That sleep thing will improve in a few days though. It helps with sleep to go for a walk or otherwise get some exercise in the evening. Don't forget your blood sugar either: that will be all over the place too.


Well done on your quit gentoo. I to am on day three and like u am struggling today!!! I'm on patches which seem to do the trick for me, I still get cravings but they seem to take the edge off!

I'm the opposite with sleep, can't get enough of it, sleptvlike a baby last night. Although I'm so sleepy.

From my previous quits (and I've had many) u can't just have that one, it will just lead to one more and then more and then your back to being a smokers. I ask myself a question, why do I really want a smoke? Cos it tastes good- no tastes like crap!! It'll make me feel better - no it won't I'll feel like crap for giving in, give me a headache, sore throat etc etc and every question I ask myself I can't find a really good reason to have one. Sorry to ramble, good luck on your quit


am on 1 month now but have come back to give day 3 ers some support as it was my worst day by far.Just plan to keep busy,either at home,work or whatever,everyone is different but its working for me.Am getting things done that have needed tobe done for years now lol.Stay positive it does get easier x


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