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No Smoking Day
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Day 15, no fags, probably going to get sacked though!

Hi all,

15 days into my quit, and I'm feeling OK in most ways. Breathing's easier, I'm starting to sleep better than I did at first and I'm hopeful for the future.

Only problem is, I can't concentrate on anything for more than about 30 seconds! I've got quite an involved job which relies on being able to concentrate and not make a mistake, and this is worrying me. It's such an incredible struggle to keep my mind on any task.

Anyone else feel this way? How did you overcome it?

Best wishes to all - J

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hi ,, you have my sympathy , i have a simular issue where i need to concentrate mainly in front of a pc all day.

it must be the third week effect ... a lot of people say this week is a nightmare for cravings...... apart from eating the third worlds debt in polos i can only pass on the advice i have had , though not scientific is just drag yourself through this week as week 4 is apparantly a lot easier on the mind .

one thing i have been doing when i get a craving is counting the ex smokers i know in my head,, the ones that i thought would never give up, i am sure you know the sort . i have got to 17 so far but that includes a few friends of friends etc but they all add up and if they can give up then i can.

good luck


It will work itself out of your system in the next week I think. Hopefully you've told your boss you might be a bit off for a while whilst you quit (not sure if he'll understand!). You might also want to check your diet/foot intake. It could also be that your blood sugar is low. Quitting screws with your digestive system, insulin, blood sugar and so on. Or I should say, smoking screws with it, and the change can be hard to adjust to when you quit.


Firstly well done on your quit 15 days is awesome.

i work in a childrens centre as a healthy living practitioner and cook, so thats why i needed to quit and more so WANTED to quit.

the health trainer part of my job is not actually official as yet but as im still learning and sourcing i absoloutly get what your saying.

away with the fairiies doesnt even cut it...........however i find a walk round of building each time i get braindead helps as its the time you would have taken to have a fag and no matter how pathetic it is still exercise lol to ensure not getting the sack take a clipboard round with you and pretend your important for a while lol............THE important thing is you keep to quit and you ARE no1.

never quit quitting

jenni x


Thanks for the replies folks - it's really encouraging to hear others have been/are going through this and makes me a little less scared for my future career!

Day 16 is here and my concentration seems to be coming back a little - only way is up from here I guess. Now to get back to work.... :rolleyes:


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