Ok here I am patch in 2 days....

I have had the lozenges...

now today, w/o the patch I feel bitchy! Slow..tired...

really do not want to be bothered by anyone...

don't even want to be here @ work right now...2.5 hrs to go,

and I can go home. I assume this is normal ya? I do not like

being in this here FUNK! Any suggestions? or maybe

a food I can eat to keep me more on the happy side

or more energetic/positive like? Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey there :)

    Ride out that funk and you'll notice that things are getting easier. But it is normal and part of that process of ridding yourself of the poison of nicotine.

    Foods to about fruit. You should try and take in more vitamins C and D to help rebalance the depletion. Cranberry juice was the big fav recently and happily that fits very neatly.

  • Hey Bluetree,

    Frozen grapes are lovely :D

    Zoe xx

  • Ok day 17...I feel like quitting my job...walking away..

    I am emotional ...I am like WTH???? Still no patch...

    this is day 3 for no patch...I have had a 1/2 lozenge....

    feel lost a bit...everything is bland..nothing is like groovy to me...

    I hate this definitely needs to improve!!!!!!!

    Grrrr...I don't want a smoke...I just want to feel normal....

    happy like...ya know? Thank tho.

    I will continue to push onward....:(

  • Hi

    That sounds hard, going from 21mg patch to nothing - would it be worth trying a low dose patch or did they not agree with you?


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