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Appointment made

I have made my appt with the No Smoking clinic 7th feb. I like this date because 7 is one of my lucky numbers. Been to drs today to up my other meds and took my OH because of his cough our dr told my OH that his cheast is very bad and told him to seriously think about quitting smoking gave him some meds. Well my OH has said when he finishes his bakkie he will consider it. Well i hope he does. I know i will be quitting i have to and because i want to. Keep you posted. Jacqui

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So great Jacqui to hear you so positive, roll on the 7th :D


Thank you SaraM AND Una. I have to keep trying as i need to quit. And as you say Una i should succeed i just dont want to stop trying. I hate December at end of month and january because i suffer with Seasonal Awareness Disorder i tried so hard not to have a fag but it just got the better of me. Anyway 7th feb is a new start. Love you all. Jacqui.


Jacqui thats brill glad you got your date don't be thinking you got rid of me n Sara...we're still walking each step with ya :rolleyes:

You can do this :)


Go for it

Hey Jacqui,

Reckon I will join you at the start of Feb too :) I'm like you and don't like this time of year, and keep failing despite my best efforts. Will prob go back to Stop Smoking Clinic too as I did well there. Here's to some lighter nights, sure they will help bigtime :D

Zoe xx


Thank you zoe i sure could do with sunnier days. And thanks Michelle im glad you and SaraM are still here you both are doing well. Im nearing the 7th but have been cutting down today ive only had 2 demons. Lol. Jacqui. Keep you posted. (my new quit date. 7.2.12. ) jacqui


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