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the dreaded day 2!!!

half way thru day 2 and feeling positive, had some really good news today and the first thing i thought was lets have a ciggie to celebrate how bads that didnt realise how dependant i was on them. its nice not havin to go outside for a smoke especially in this weather. think i am havin a good day but am not stupid to realise that a craving can kick in anytime especially after my tea 2nite lol

just enjoying it while it lasts , have got a banging head ache though is this normal?

thanks to all yous for your support yesterday

choosing not to poision my body ...

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...have got a banging head ache though is this normal?

You are stopping the recklessness of breathing in nicotine and maybe the headache is linked...not entirely sure TBH. Try taking in more fluids...I tend to do that rather than pop headache pills.

...choosing not to poision my body ...

Excellent statement :cool:


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