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No Smoking Day
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Quitting Social Smoking is just as hard!

I stopped smoking in 2010 and managed 6 months (I went through hell for the first month) - then in May 2011 I moved back to the UK from Spain and one silly night had a few cigarettes when I was really drunk.

Since then I have been in a viscous circle of smoking every time I have had a drink, but never even thinking to sober.

I decided 11 days ago enough is enough, and stopped drinking in order to stop the smoking.

I only ever smoked about 5 - 10 cigarettes a week at weekends so I thought that the symptoms of stopping would be lighter, but trust me they are not.

The Quit cycle I am going through is exactly the same as when I ceased to be a 20 a day smoker. I recognise all of the stages from last time, at least this time I know if you ride it out it eventually does get better.

The whole point of this post if for those who are tempted to maybe just allow themselves a cheeky smoke as a treat when drunk (or on holiday, or stressed etc)

DON'T DO IT - you will literally be back to square one.

In my view social smoking really effects peoples lives more than they think. I have noticed in my friends (and myself) that just have a few cigs now and then, they are the ones that suffer mood swings and get down. Their bodies do not know what the hell is going on and they are in a constant state of quitting.

Good luck everyone with your quit - it will get easier, just don't ruin it thinking you are safe to treat yourself to a cig after 6 months of abstinence!! It really is not worth the pain,

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Good post and remember the golden rule when wanting a ciggie.............

Not One Puff Ever


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