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Day 23 & spotty :-(


Just registered on here & glad to have found it. I had my last fag on 1st January & generally things are going well. I'm eating more though, putting on weight & still feel a bit restless - particularly in the evenings (glass of wine & a fag was my "treat" at the end of the day!).

The weight I'm trying to keep under control (have started exercise bootcamp) but very difficult to stop munching in the evenings. One other thing though - my skin has got a bit spotty. I'm 45 & generally have good skin. Please someone tell me it gets better.. I thought we were supposed to look clear skinned & fab once of the fags!


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I have quit twice before for 6-10 months and found my skin was horrendous between 3 weeks and three months, then vastly improved. I thought it was probably all the toxins clearing out (think how much dirt and ash our skin has absorbed), also smoking has a drying effect, so while smoking our skin produces more sebum. When we quit it takes a while for the oil production to catch on and reduce to normal non-smoking levels, this can cause spottiness.

My skin is pretty bad. I live in a vicious circle of acne and excema. On my back, arms, chest and face, so it gets very frustrating (constantly wearing polo necks etc), however this quit, my skin is improving far quicker, and I am noticing an improvement at 1 month. I think partially because my last extended quit was not too long ago, plus a week in I treated myself to a facial scrub and mask, so got rid of the crap perhaps?

Hope this helps, trust me it should improve. Plus the weather does not help this time of year!


Hi there,am also eating more than I should.I have always watched my weight from being a teenager,can easily put a stone on if am not careful.I don't dare to weigh myself at the mo,but my fave skinny jeans are way pushed away in the bottom of the drawer,theres no chance I'll be in them for a few weeks.I started a diet and stopped smoking only to find its just too much doing them both at the same time.Am abit p***ed off that have got a bit chubby but am going to get to the 1 month mark of quitting the fags and then really going to start getting fit again.Am kind of using food at the mo when I have a craving,but am aware of it and determined not to be a fat ex smoker!.Give yourself a chance though,a few pounds can be lost in a few weeks,we are going through a major chance,can't expect to do it all at once x x x x


thanks for the replies. I can't remember my skin being like this before (gave up about 10 years ago only to re-start 2 years ago when split from husband). Still, I agree re the weight - I am definitely using food when I get cravings so will give myself a bit of a break until the start of next month. Somehow chewing on an apple doesn't have quite the same effect as chocolate :-)


Hi Newps - I suffered terribly with spots during my one and only previous quit (in 2002). I also put on about 2 stone, and these two 'side effects' were probably the main reason my quit was unsuccessful. I caved in after 12 weeks and it's taken me nearly 10 years to try again!

I was much more prepared this time around - in fact I went to the doctor before I started and was prescribed a cream called Duac to zap any spots. Psychologically, this was a massive boost - knowing I had some effective treatment to hand. It's powerful stuff ... even if I haven't needed it much this time (typical!).

As far as cravings and eating go .... I'm a real fan of frozen grapes - a small bowl keeps hand and mouth busy for much longer than any other 'nibble' I've found ....AND they're delicious, and nearly calorie free!

Good luck



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