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Everything Tastes Salty

I've not smoked for 24 days, after 20 yrs of 20 a day. I've read that after about 5 days your taste buds get more sensitive. I actually noticed on abt day 7, I could actually taste the residual smokiness in my mouth (gross!!). After that everything tasted amazing, it was like tasting in HD if know what I mean. Can taste the subtle flavours in a pint so I'm discovering beer all over again.

The last couple of days though, I've had this constant salty taste in my mouth and everything tastes salty. Even wine gums salty. Hass anyone else had this? I want to know if this is quit related or if I need to go see the dentist.



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From about week 2 until week 4-5 I had exactly the same thing. Not sure what the reason was, but it did eventually fade and I could taste things normally again. I had read that it might have something to do with the restoration of blood flow in the gums, but honestly I have no answer - other than to say I did have the exact same thing, and that it did eventually fade.


I have also experienced this. A 2009 study in Greece found that smoking literally dulls the taste buds.

The full details can be found here:


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