No Smoking Day
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Day five... sometimes aggressive!

now it gets better and better...

One of the best changes in my life;

1. Increase in energy level

2. Better Mouth Taste

3. Sports back in my life

4. ...

Sometimes there happens a nervousness on me, pins and needles, something is pushing me and getting aggressive... When something happens bad, avoiding nicotine makes me feel strange

I think it will change and be a better me by time.

Maybe too much energy is pushing, may be away from tobacco on a bad and nervous day...

Friends, in your cases, have this happened and what would be the best way to get away from this nervousness, to stay cool and easy...

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Day 5 too!

Hi ArkiDooky

I'm on day 5 of quitting smoking too although I am on Champix. However, I still at times feel as though I could have a cigarette. When this happens I do deep breathing. I find that it works better than anything else.

I fill my lungs as much as I can, hold my breath for about 6 seconds then breathe out. For some reason it seems to work.

I do a lot of yoga & I can remember being told that deep breathing activates the parasympathetic ( involuntary ) nervous system. So I'm guessing the deep breathing somehow tends to bypass the conscious " I need a cigarette" craving.



Pins and needles I had, yes. I think it's something to do with the increase in bloody supply to the hands and feet.

In terms of aggression, it's easy to mistake that for anxiety, which I definitely did suffer from. But as my partner said, "don't be such a wuss!". It'll certainly pass.


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