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9th day - wobbles


Despite everything that I know, I could have quite cheerfully smoked today.

I'm home now and still clean.

It is the complete lack of energy that is getting to me. I can't seem to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I do hope that this improves.

Ive identified the ex smokers at work. I'm trying to convince myself that it will improve.

Anyway, will continue with the mind games. Thanks for letting me vent!

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Day 9 - nearly double figures! I have just had a big energy increase at 22 days but would say my sleep patterns started to improve around 10 days.

Noticed today that I hardly ever need to cough, feels really weird!

Well done, keep going:)


You are doing great not giving in.

The tiredness is strange. I'm either hyper, or exhausted.

It will get better :D


Day 9, sweet. What a waste it would be to smoke now. I mean if you do that, sometime in the future there's another 9 days of suffering to go through!

But yes, there are days like that. I totally empathise. I'm 1 month in and I still get them. They just happen less frequently as time goes by I think.


I recommend doing some light exercise when you wake up, it will really make a massive difference to the rest of your day.

I am on day 11 and I wake up feeling like I haven't been to sleep, I force myself to the gym and by the time I have finished I feel awake and "human" again.

If you don't go to the gym you can just spend 15 minutes at home, do something that gets your heart going and I promise it will help.

Give it a try in the morning.


Thanks for the great replies!

It is amazing that one day can feel so different to another, I've been buzzing today.

I usually cycle to work and back, but have given myself a couple of weeks break (cycling and a short temper = not a good combination). But definitely back to the gym tomorrow.


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