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No Smoking Day
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Day 29 - is it not smoking or something else?

Hi all,

I am finding that my stopping smoking is going fine. I do not want to smoke, am not really thinking about smoking anymore and am far more stressed about starting school than the non-smoking!

However, I am incredibly emotional right now. I am wondering if I may be displaying signs of depression and if this is simply coincidental to the quitting? I am getting easily angered and frustrated, both at home and at work. I am also finding that I want to cry frequently, over things that even I know (at the time) are ridiculous!

Perhaps it is the fact I have just started a new university and new field, in an accelerated (4 years to 16 months) program, and am feeling overwhelmed. Maybe it is simply that although I do not want to smoke, I have not yet found a replacement coping mechanism to put in place. I think this may be it. As come rain or shine I could always escape outside for a cig. Now I cannot, and it is -10 degrees celsius and nothing bar having a cig can get me out. I think I need to try and find something to do instead of smoking to get that feeling of escape. Now just to figure out what...

Sorry for the rambling, having one of those days!

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yes i think so

yes i think it could be the smoking or lack of it . in the early days i was getting angry over nothing. it will pass. good luck and stay off the fags .


Wow..i thort it was just me feeling this way..thort of going to doc..i was blaming menopause..so tearful and sooo angry...it is the not smoking...i just pray it wont last too long...keep going and I will too:)


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