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Suggestions please!

Hi, I am wanting to get fit, but have a few problems, and I am wondering if they are more like the amazing excuses we came up with as smokers to reason why we could not quit right now!?

1. I live in the snowbelt of NE Ohio - it is -10 degrees celsius most days, and snowing, so too cold to do anything outside.

2. I can use the gym at university, but uni is nearly 45 minutes away and that is a lot of gas money to use for the gym!

3. We are in the middle of packing up to move so the house is a mess, no room to exercise.

4. One week into nursing program at school, so in school or working from 8am to 9pm everyday - where do I fit in exercising, homework or sleeping?!

5. Have four kids at home, and no privacy.

If anyone has a suggestion or can mentally beat me into stopping with the excuses I would appreciate it!

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One of my e-friends lives NW USA and signed up for Hot Yoga about 7 or 8 months into her quit. She's taken to it like the proverbial duck to water.

It seems that the US are highly enamoured with yoga and just be googling NE Ohio I got many hits this being one and based in Cleveland, Ohio.


I use the wife's lateral trainer in front of the tv. It's small enough to store easily, can get a good sweat on and its easy to extend with further exercise if you wish with crunch - press-ups - squats etc. :eek:

Exercise bike is good and I love my rowing machine. However, these two are large and difficult to store.

30 min power walk per day is also good and it involves no storage of equipment. :)


Wii fit? It's kind of fun, doesn't take up much space, and has a variety of things you can tailor to your needs. Plus the kids can enjoy it too...


We have a Wii fit, but all the remote thingies are not hooking up to it (much to the chagrin of the children!). Maybe I will treat myself to something for the x-box kinect instead?? We have 5 children (not all mine!) so own most game systems (5, 7, 10, 12 and 17 years old). Will maybe stop in at the second hand game store on the way home and see if they have something I like!

Thank you for reminding me. In our new house we are converting an inlaw suite into the Master bedroom, it is next to a single garage, yet the house has a 4 car garage already, so we are talking about knocking through and making it into a gym/sauna/hot tub outside, taking out the inlaw suite kitchen and making it a bigger bathroom etc, so in April when we move I will have no excuse to be a blubber butt! Plus 5 acre yard to inspect/clear/put in pond etc!


10 minute yoga

Here's a link to a video - 10 mins of yoga everyday.

Yoga is great for exercise at home. You don't need much space & you can do it whenever it suits you.

Personally, I think yoga is addictive like cigarettes are. However, changing a bad addiction into a good one can't be a bad thing.


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