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Day 23

So day 23 is here and still smoke free!!

This weekend was quite tough, My family went to a kiddies first birthday party, whilst scoffing my through a buffet another parent came over to my wife and asked for a light, at this point I thought I could really do with a fag, the thought stayed with me for a while & I could of quite easily gone outside however I didn't & the craving seemed to pass, probably something to with playing pass the parcel with my 1yr old son!!:)

We left the party & headed home, as soon as we arrived the craving came back, I actually asked my wife for a fag & she said "no I don't want to give you one (a fag that is) it would be such a shame because you've done so well" It was at this point I realised how much hard work had gone into the last 3 weeks and would be such a shame to throw in the towel at this point so I sat down with my son & read the Gruffalo's Child(for about the millionth time) and the craving went away and have been ok since!!

Here's to the next 3 weeks, taking it 1 day at a time of course!!:)

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Thank god for Gruffalos child then,we have the game if you are bored with the book lol.Well done Andy,am on day 23 too and can't believe I have got this far.Cravings still come and go but I so know how to handle them now keep going! x x x x


well done

lucky your wife did not give you a smoke . you would of regretted it and felt no different ten minutes after smoking it . and going back to day one is no fun i should know that is if you feel you can continue with your quit. well done for still being smoke free.


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