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Day 15 - Yassss!

Hi all, just checking in to say i am successfully doing this quit and on week 3 :) really happy about that. Have not had alcohol yet though and this Saturday I have a night out but i want so desperately to write in month 1 forum next week I will not smoke!

I am using around 10 lozenges (1mg) a day and a spray of mist first thing in the morning. This seems to be working for me. i plan on reducing the lozenges after the first month as this is a danger zone for me.

Feeling absolutely fantastic just now. (defo the easiest quit i have ever done). :D

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Howdy 9. I am on day 23, just keep doing what you are doing as it seems to work for you. I will keep my fingers crossed for you drink night. Don't let it persaude to pick up those cancer sticks again. Stay strong and remember how close you are to 1 month....ppat


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