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Tried and failed twice in 2 weeks

hi guys, newbie here...

i have tried twice in 2 weeks to quit...once for 3 days and this time just 1 day.

i am using the patches as i am prone to depression and anxiety attacks.

Well on day 1 of quitting i felt so tired, like i hadnt slept for a week, i spent most of the day in bed, is this normal? my energy was zapped and i couldnt move.

i feel tired with smoking anyway but this was really bad, i felt agitated etc too...which i know is normal.

This scares me as i am worried it will turn into depression, plus i have 3 kids.

i am trying again on tuesday because i have alot to do on tuesday so am hoping this will keep me motivated.

Any advice from the people who have been successful in quitting would be great xx

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Hi Annie - welcome to the forum.

It can be really difficult to get that quit started - I remember feeling so frightened about the prospect of not smoking. My suggestion is to work on getting your head into the right place. There is some great information on here, so spend some time reading about other people's experience, and what has worked for them. You will see that some members have links in their signatures - these will take you to some useful articles.

I do think that you need to accept that you will go through some discomfort - especially in the early days of your quit. This is a serious drug to break away from, and that isn't going to be easy. Having said this, though, you will see on here that it can be done, and it is worth going through it for the benefits.

Try making a list of your reasons for wanting to stop smoking, then you can use this list to motivate yourself when you are finding things tough. And do get involved on here - you will get some great support from people who know exactly what you are going through.


Hi and welcome to the Forum, Annie :)

Looks like Mrs T has covered loads of helpful suggestions and information. But then here's a little bit more.

There's a sticky at the beginning of the Day 1's info that's available from the Web. It's good to get an understanding of what you'll go through in the process of quitting - the good and the bad.

There's another discussion thread in Day 1 which sites that smoking causes depression...and then the process of stopping at first increases that for a short while sadly. The good news is that in clearing nicotine from your system you'll find a huge and positive difference in depression levels.

Successful in quitting? I was and I smoked for 31 years. Many if not all of us long term quitters say, "I never thought I could stop!" But we did and we're just normal folks on the street :)

Best wishes for Tuesday ;)


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