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Hello again

Hello all, well what a little (or rather big, after all the extra scoffing) cheat I've been! I've been going to a quit clinic for nearly 3 weeks and have had 10 fags throughout but I've omitted to tell the quit nurse :o. I have a 4yr old daughter & we live on our own. When I was smoking and I wanted 5mins to myself I would just nip outside and have a cig and the one at the end of the day when DD went to bed was the best. I'm really missing those. I've been on the patches, which are ok. I've tried the tabs, spray & inhalator but can't stand any of them cos they pack too much of a nicotine punch. I smoked menthol cigs and think I quite liked them, although a few Allan Carr die-hards are telling me I didn't really! I don't seem to have any time-out mechanisms at home from DD (love her to bits but she really knows which buttons to press when I'm feeling low). If I've told her off or taken something off her (punishment) and she's wailing at me for being unfair and screaming that she's not going to be my friend anymore I don't seem to have anywhere to go cos she follows me from room to room!!! How do people get through these times? Why am I so crap at this and where's my bloody willpower? Why can't I stop eating, I've normally got skin as thick as a rhino, now I've just got an arse like one! :eek:

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Jeez certainly have a healthy sense of humour amongst all of that :D

In regards to the time outs you could plan what you will do in order to still get that. I bet they weren't completely stress free because I'm guessing you'd also be listening out for your daughter in case she had an accident...and I'd imagine that those cigs were rushed affairs.

Plan a different type of time out for yourself instead of smokes and knock one of the stressors off.


Your not far wrong Cavalier, I'd have been out puffing away quicker than a steam train, usually preceeded by a warning for DD not to touch anything or even move, slightest noise that sounded like a bump and the fag would have been flicked as I turned tail to see what was happening! This really sucks at times (no pun intended). When I'm at work I'm fine, it just seems that the weekends drag worse than a dogs bum with worms! (We're pretty busy all day but in my mind it's dragging). Have tried holding the newspaper in front of my face, pretending to be invisible when DD is having a strop (wasn't expecting these till she was at least 13) but she's not taking the hint, she just pulls paper down so I can see her crying (she must think I need a visual as well as the audio). Normally I'm so laid back I'm nearly horizontal so think my mood swings are about on par with the rest of the nation now! Be better when the days get a bit longer and we can head out more (and maybe appreciate all the fresh air).

Keep up the good work and thanks for reply ;)


Ha, ha, ha...

...well that's settled. You have to quit now cos the Forum simply cannot be denied that sense of humour and your definite way with words. You owe it to your new found fans ;)

Get on with it, woman!!


Hi there

Hi jeanie,

Thought I would drop you a line being a fellow mother of a 4 year old I can totally sympathise with you. I also have a 5 month old and I am now on day 13 of my quit.

I also found that having a cig would give me some time to myself away from the 4 year old and it would also be my little reward for getting jobs done ie: once I finish these dishes, this folding, the mopping... Ill have a cig.

First week was super tough (im doing cold turkey btw). I now leave a womens health magazine sitting on the outside table and whenever I need some time out, I still make myself a cup of tea or coffee and off I go out to read my "health" magazine.You could also leave a deck of cards out or perhaps one of those little Zen gardens or a pen and paper to jot down your feelings etc.

As for the little one, I tell him that Mummy needs some time out by herself and when I come back in 5 minutes, I will be much happier and we can do something together... he always seems happy with that.

Anyway, good luck with your quit. I am in a place now where I am definately ready to give it away for life.. I feel FREE !! :D

FF x


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