No Smoking Day
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Went out last night and got drunk! Did I smoke?

Did I heck! :) I wasn't even that tempted, to be honest. I was offerd cigarettes all night. EVERYONE was smoking. I even went outside with the smokers and chatted while chewing on a staw. I didn't even fancy one. Great!

I had my booze, and I had a great time. I didn't need to smoke. I even held my friends burning cigarette while she went back to get something she'd forgotten. I didn't even fancy sneeking one drag!

In truth, I don't drink much at all. Even when I used to go out as a smoker, I prefered to sit down with my glass and enjoy it, rather than battle through the crowds to feed my addiction. I think that, for me at least, my addiction was far more a habbitual thing that a chemical addiction. And here's further proof:

Unfortunately, I don't find it so easy when I'm writing. To make ends meet, I often do a bit of writing for various things. I've only just started doing this again after a relatively long break. And guess what? After a certain period of time, I used to take 'smoking breaks'. Because I've not been in this situation since I quit, my habbit comes back to haunt me. Automatically, I think of taking a smoking break. This proves to me that it's all habit with me. All I need to do is change my routine (no different to changing my routine while on breaks at work, while waiting for the bus, when getting up in the morning). But it's interesting, don't you think?

It my explain while some people come unstuch in stressful situations. Because most people give up during a relatively stress-free part in their lives, everything's fine until they get stressed. When they do, they have a danger of falling into their old habits until they change them. With me, I had a lot of stressful times all the way through my quit especially during the early weeks. I was able to takle it early on.

Everyone's different, of course. But I'm sure that this is a lot more of a pyscological addiction than a chemical addiction. And don't forget - I smoked at least 40 cigarettes a day. And that's A LOT of nicotine!

Anyway, how's everyone else fairing?

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Well done Legs, I knew you wouldn't have smoked ;)


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