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Nordic walking


Hi all

I have been powerwalking for a while mixed with some jogging. Since I packed in smoking I have much more wind and energy so enjoying these much more. However, I am finding the jogging hard on the knees and the walking too slow at times.

Was on the radio the other day about nordic walking - has anyone tried it and if so are there any benefits above p/walking or light jogging? :)

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will it not just be much the same or similar to power walking? bit like nordic/cross country skiing without the snow and the ski's but using poles if you see what i mean!?

Hi bud

I went on a nordic walking taster session yesterday in Durham. Was really good and now starting to understand how it gives the user more of a workout. Upper body is used as well as the legs in this form of training. It's just a matter of getting the technique right.

I will be taking this up and am researching poles at this very moment.

i googled it and had a bit of a look,apparently its 'sweeping the country!' like you say it gives the upper body a decent workout,uses 80% of the body's muscles, and relieves the knees and backstrain.figures look like it fairly burns the calories aswell.Gonna stick to my running for now tho,splashed out on a new pair of shoes so i'll need to! maybe sounds a bit premature given i'm only into week 2 but running again is such a huge motivator for me and was with my last quit was just short term goals that screwed it up! let us know how it goes.

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