No Smoking Day
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Thanks to the mods!

I would like to thank the mods for putting this new section in for all of us. It is a great new area for us all to post in.

This topic is "how are you feeling?" Well, right now I am feeling pretty mellow. I took a Xanax not long ago and will be hitting the sack very soon....LOL

As far as the quit....I think it is going just fantastic. 21 Days today and I have not had any real problems other than the patch was driving me crazy so I went cold turkey after 15 days. I do have an urge at times, some are pretty strong but I refuse to give in to them. I tell myself that I am stronger than a cancer stick.

So, I hope I have broke the ice here and we can get others to post. It's ok to rant, rave, throw things and just let off steam. We will all help the best we can. Good night my smoke free friends....ppat

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No problem!

Hey ppat324. Thanks for your message, glad you like the new section. The suggestion actually came from members on the site. So thanks to them!

Good to hear that you find the site useful. Lots of luck with your quit!

No Smoking Day


Wow...I don't even remember this thread. I guess that is good. that was after just 21 days. I am coming up on 9 months next weekend. Time sure has flown. At times I still want a fag. Once in awhile I will grab one from the boyfriend (unlit)and put it in my mouth. 2 seconds later I give back to him.

A few times I came very close to grabbing a lit one but have refused to give in to that demon. I am looking forward to seeing the Penthouse in just over 3 more months. That will be a party and a half!!!...ppat


Wow...I don't even remember this thread. I guess that is good.

He he, I don't remember a lot of the stuff I write either, and that is definitely a good thing!!! :eek::eek::eek::D

Well done on reaching the 9-month mark!



Thanks got a chuckle out of me. I haven't taken my Xanex yet tonight so if I forget this time I will have to blame it on something different..LOL

I am really looking forward to seeing the Penthouse. I get to join the party there on New Years Eve...what a night for a party!!!

It's funny....I quit smoking months ago but have never declared my car off limits to the smokers in my life. Yesterday I did just that. My car is now smoke free, clean and the ashtrays have been removed. Still need to clean the glass and shampoo the upholstery but I have taken my car back.....ppat


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