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Hangovers worse since quitting

Has anybody else noticed? My hangovers seem alot worse since quitting. I wonder if its my body having to not only recover from smoke damage but also having to recover from alchohol.

anyway, 3 weeks midnight tonight. No massive cravings, still feel little tired and not seeing the look benefits yet but hoping they will come in 4th week.

Hope everybody is doing well and see you in 1 month forum tomorrow

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Well I've been quite the opposite my hangovers are next to nothing compared with what I used to have and I can drink a lot more, but I put that down to a slower metabolic rate.

The benefits can be tricky to spot as they are gradual. The initial benefit is down to more oxygen in the bloodstream which will, within a couple of days, give a boost to stamina but after that its a gradual process.

However, if one looks back after 6 moths, a year, 2 years etc you will see the benefits clearly. Smoking tends to damage the immune system but the antiseptic nature of tobacco smoke compensates for that, so unfortunately in the 1st year colds are more common while the immune system gets back to "normal" eventually as a non smoker my colds seem much less common and quicker to recover from .

About 18 months after I quit I did my black belt grading in Tae Kwon Do and there is was a heavy duty fitness test to pass. No way I would have been able to complete it if I'd still been a smoker.


I've seemed to get over them quicker, when i was smoking and i woke with a hangover i felt worse even more when i lit up and every time i lit up until the hangover went away.


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