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Day 15 - ola week 3

Just cracked open 2nd box of patches and into week 3 we go.

Feel positive about things, no real dramas.

Being honest no real hassle on cravings or had any health issues in last 2 weeks, biggest hassle just the change of routine with having a smoke when anything good, bad, stressful or indifferent happens. Ive read its like mourning a loss, and it is a bit, but on the other hand ridiculous to look at it like that as so the right thing to do.

I have changed a few things / routines, been running quite a bit which I find helps.

I keep records of times and distances (map my and my last quit 2008 I did a half marathon. I remember being off the cigs and training well for it. The week before the 1/2 M, I had the dreaded one, which led to another, and after the run soon back on 20 a day and havnt been running since. So aim to keep both the quit and the running up

Jog On:cool:

I am finding the forum good and helpful, but spending way too much time on it. Is there a forum to get off forums?

Good luck to everyone, keep the faith

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Good luck in the week that is 3 :D


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