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No Smoking Day
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day 17

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok.

Its day 17 for me and im so fed up.... Im happy ive done 17 days, and very pleased with the money i have saved and all the benefits so far, my skin is really glowing and i have rosy cheeks again, first time since my 20's.

However ive a big complaint lol. I am so bloody constipated, im walking like John Wayne and im struggling to sit down (so sorry for the too much information) however when i was a smoker, i was regular, every day after my first cig... I have been drinking 2 litres of water a day, eating my 5 a day and my diet has not changed, all thats changed is the fags have gone. Now im using NRT patches, is this due to the these or is it my body just trying to establish what on earth is going on? I use to smoke 20 fags a day for the last 13 years

Thanks x

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Hi Jen

My friend advised me to eat prunes, so I have been and so far so good! I may be speaking too soon as I'm ages behind you, but maybe they are worth a try? :cool:

K :)


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