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No Smoking Day
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Day 13 - toughie but excited about hitting week 3!

Hi all,

Just found this forum today. Great to hear so many positive people! It's day 13 for both my partner and I and what a couple of weeks it's been in this house! We don't generally argue much but it's been irrational snappy central since we binned the cigs.

Generally doing well after getting through week one but found today a bit harder as not been at home alone all day rather than work. Foudn myself using the inhalator more than I have before (I've been finding a 15g cartridge lasts about 4 days until now. Pretty sure I've rinsed this one faster!).

Has anyone else found themselves replacing nicotine with caffeine? I think I probably need to watch that!

Keep at it everyone

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Hiya there is a lot of research to do with nicotine and caffeine so I'd try n watch ur intake if you can.....

I personally had to give it up for the first couple of weeks as i associated fags with coffee lol

Well done on getting to the 2 week mark its a massive achievement.....:D



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