No Smoking Day
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Day 20

I am shocked at how fast it has come around to day 20. I don't make daily updates but I have reached nearly 3 weeks now.

Yesterday was my first time around a smoker, infact 4 smokers. I didn't feel tempted at all and I was kind of disgusted by the look of a cigarette :confused: The smoke hurt my throat too (the smoke around the room not me having a cig ;) ) So I was pretty proud of myself sitting in that room not smoking :)

Good luck everyone.

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I went outside with my boss on Friday whilst he had a smoke. No real hassle, it felt like a a good hurdle to overcome, it would have been so easy to to HOP (have one puff) but didnt.

There will be many moments like that in the weeks/months to come, but aiming/hoping to fend them off.

Well done on your quit so far and keep it up


Well done mate and a massive step especially as you not only didn't smoke you didn't have the mmm that smells nice when really like Ive found out it reeks.


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