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Wahey - onto day 8!

I like this forum - as I'm using my iPhone app I knew that I'd be over 7 days stopped around lunchtime and the one thing I thought was "I need to post in a different section of the forum now!" :D

Having the odd grump now and then but generally ok, although the cigs must have been a proper stimulant for me, been yawning my head off all morning despite a great night's sleep! No real cravings yet, so it seems like it's going ok...

Hope all you other 2-weekers are getting on ok too :)

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Well done! First week is pain and suffering. Second week is tiredness. You should start to pick up after that.


Well done! I'm day 8 too. I'm also exhausted. I was owing it to having been exercising to try and offset the amount I'm eating, but I didn't know that stopping smoking could cause tiredness. It's good to hear you are not suffering too much. :D


Just noticed we both quit on Friday 13th Dolly - reverse psychology perhaps?!!

Thankfully my appetite isn't huge which I think is down to the Champix, as I don't feel very fidgety or fraught, just yawny and feeling twice as heavy when it comes to getting up at 7am!! :D


Day 14 Tired but positive

Im about due into week 3 in 2hrs and hoping getting out of bed slightly easier next week.

This week has been killer for being knackered, Ive woke up every day 5-5.30am put patch on about 6 and not dragged my butt out of bed till 7.

Aim to doss in the morning.

Being honest I use to wake at 6 and think about cup of t and a fag and was down the stairs like Ussain Bolt.

I use to argue with the OH that I just used to wake early, and nowt to do with my old mate Nic O'Tine, suppose as usual just kidding myself


Andrew, i was the same. I flew out of bed for my morning habit. Now the quilt gets pulled back over my head as im always clucking in the morning and feel with dread knowing im going to crave for at least an hour before the patch has any impact...


Prob is if you leave patch on overnight for me it drives me mad cant sleep dreams. I quite enjoy pulling covers over my head but we have one of those laser clock things on ceiling and Im sure it goes quicker between 6.00am to 7.00. saying that save AT least 10 mins on previous routine of 2 fags outside in the rain with cup of T


So day 8 becomes day 13 :)

Been a trickier few days. No massive cravings but more the brain just reminding me of the fact that I don't smoke anymore, and that the monster within used to quite enjoy it!

Looking forward to bursting into week 3 in a couple of days...


Looks like this is my last hour in this area of the forum before moving onto week 3! :)

There's something quite satisfying about knowing I have somewhere else to put my posts...!


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