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Day 3- Should I take the plunge?

40 a day for about 10years. Never tried to quit before but suddenly I just thought 'it's time' so quit on Monday night. Am using 21mg 16hr patches. My question is.....

I used the patches so I wouldn't be too grouchy in work (I work in addiction, grouchy isn't good), but with the weekend coming... I'm tempted to not use the patches after tomorrow and just ride it out. Having never quit before and having no knowledge in this area, am I right in thinking the nicotine withdrawal phase will be cleared by Monday? I'm not worried about lapsing, I just need to be ok for work.

The alternative is that I maintain the patches and do a phased reduction, but that seems counter intuitive to me.

Any feedback or suggestions appreciated!

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HI Brianjd,

Congratulations on your quit, you're at the same stage as me. Ive done it cold turkey and now on day 4 i am over the worst.

I have made previous attempts of quitting using various methods, but I find cold turkey the best, its over and done with the quickest for me.

My biggest problems this time have been mood swings (major tantrums!!) on day 2 and lack of concentration at work, (my boss asked me if i had stupid flakes for breakfast yesterday!!!) so your idea of coming off the NRT at the weekend is possibly a good idea.

Ive been feeling really positive this time and I think its to do with a positive attitude (im concentrating on not what im giving up but what im gaining) and lots of reading on this forum (and is really helpful). you spend that much time reading you actually forget about smoking!!!

Good luck and keep me posted, good to hear from someone at the same stage.


I had 6 days off work from CT day 1. By day 5 I could have gone to work. The trouble was the tiredness I think. Days 1 - 3 were the worst. I suspect it would be a bit quicker if you're on patches, as you've kind-of been avoiding smoking triggers for a while already by using them. It's worth a try, isn't it?

Just remember if you're going to fail, it's better to reach for a patch than go and buy some smokes!


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