No Smoking Day
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a violent smoking dream

just lately my nicodemon is trying to get me through my dreams and had a few lately [ sorry mr nico not gonna work i am afraid]

anyway last nights dream was very eventful in my dream my OH came up stairs and said my friend is coming around and we are having a few pimms and a couple of packs of fags anyway i am shouting at him saying we quit over a year ago why are you gonna smoke but he seemed quite adement to smoke so i picked up one of the babys cot toys and threw it at him and missed [darn it lol] then picked up another one threw that and missed him so he went downstairs and proceeded to smoke when he came back up he stank and he had a bit of baccy left in a tin his firend had left him so i tipped it all over the floor cause i was so mad with him and he started to pick the scraps of baccy off the floor so i kicked him in the head at that moment my OH in real life not in my dream came up to bed and woke me up as he climed into bed i pushed him away and accused him of smoking lol the poor bloke didnt know wat was happening i went on to explain my dream to him

wow wat a night


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Stop eating cheese before bedtime :D


lol i dont eat cheese anymore part of my new diet plan


haha i was disappointed in my dream that i missed him when i threw a toy at him

LOL means laugh out loud

i only know all the lingo cause i have teenage boys



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