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Day 110...£1000 saved!!!

According to my Quit Now app, I have saved £1000 :eek: for not smoking for 110 days!!! A fair portion of that has been spent on biscuits and polo mints, however I have bought some CDs, DVDs, Concert Tickets and a touchscreen PC as well as some bits and bobs for my new bike (stopping the lardiness)!!!

I have now ticked off 12 out of the 15 'achievements' on the app - still to go:

[*]1 month of time saved - should be 27/05/2012

[*]10000 ciggies not smoked - should be 10/09/2012

[*]1 year of not smoking - will be 02/10/2012

For the New Years Quitters - you should be through the worst in a couple of days!!

For the people dreading month 3 - its nowhere near as hard as weeks 1-3 but don't get complacent!!

For everyone else...thanks for your brilliant support!!! :D:D

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congratulations dave you are a superstar!!!!!


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