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day 3 - Brain Fog is Clearing!


Reached day 3 and "the rage" I had yesterday has subsided a bit (and I havent murdered my boss or other half - so thats a bonus;) )

Yesterday I really struggled with "brain fog" and my concentration was ridiculous, I couldnt anything done at work and the day was just continuously full of brain farts but i read somewhere that the lack of nicotine causes blood sugar to fall so drinking lots of fruit juice should help....and you know what it has!

Im feeling really good and positive today Im just hoping its not the calm before the storm, watch this space...............

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Well done Red80....your experiences so far sound so familiar to mine. I think you're doing amazing though as I don't think I could've worked on day 2!!! (I was on annual leave). I definately would have been had up for manslaughter or torture. "Brain farts" LOL! never heard that before and made me laugh.

If I remember rightly Day 3 for me wasn't as bad as some people find it....I just remember I had a super hero sense of smell....really weird and quite overwhelming. You're doing great and if you can get through day can get through day 3. Take it one bit at a helped me to break up my day into bits and mentally gave myself a big pat on the back as I got through the hours in the day. Really worked for me in the first week.

Lisa x


Aw thanks its so helpful knowing everyone on here is going through it or been through it.

My next hurdle i think is between days 7-10 thats when i normally fail :mad:

I love the saying "brain farts" its just sums things up nicely lol!!

And yeah my sense of smell has returned and its amazing.... all these years ive been smoking, I wasnt even aware my sense of smell had disappeared!!


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