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I can't sleep!!!!!

Well hi there and I can't sleep at all I can hear my body asking for abit of nicotine and I have feed the body before after 10 attempts of quitting this time i said no to my self and when i go sleep i woke up during the middle of the night and open my drawers expecting pack of 10 ciggerates malboro red or B&H gold just lying there but finding out its not so i try put my self back to sleep but i cant sleep at all what should i do here ? im trying to quit but the nicotine its keep winning all the time its like 10 nill to to there team compared to me :( i mean its 4:20am ++++ MY LIFE!!!!

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What you are going through WAS the WORST for me. (Read my early posts)

The not being able to sleep and the dreaming of smoking LOL.

The good news is you are NEARLY through the worst of it! hang in there, in a day day or two you will be sleeping like a baby :) don't give up when you are so close to getting through it!!

Stay Strong



You're almost through the worst of it! Just hang in there and don't give in to it. Only a few days to go.



we're all different but horlicks and Kalms tabs worked well for me,stick at it.


thanks for the reply guys real love here and yh I went to sleep around 12pm thats because am off am not lazy bomb but tommoro im back to work can't wait to show off my patches also the gums and how cool it is and the boss if i haved to then il aslo show him aswel really heavy smoker he is and would recommend my people at work about this forum

Thanks to you all of you :) what a team xxx


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