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Hello im back again in 10 min i will And i mean it i WILL stop smoking for good.

MY mom and i stopped smoking last week and we had this conversation at the table!

Shes a mouthbreather i became one aswell, i dont know if its from smoking my mouthbreathing is from, but i wanna nosebreath so badly, cause it seriously harms my teeth, she has no teeth left and she told me its from coca cola, but well i dont know, i just wanna know if its common that smokers breath out of they're mouth.

I quit for 2 days last week was a pain (why didnt i just hold it) now i smoked 20 cigis today, and it felt like shit, i can feel the ashes on my teeth and lips, also my throut brings all these slimes.

When i quit smoking my sex drive is insanely good, i feel perfect i feel alive i feel very very confident and my eyes feel insanely good even tho from day 1 everything is blurry and i get dizzy if i go outside, but i work fantastic. is these stuff also only the first 3-4 days right so i have heard atleast

I havent spoken to my mom, but i hope shes holding it (we tend to get back to addictions) but i wont this time

I even called the Quitsmoking stopline but the lady i spoke with in the phone seemed to take it as a joke meh. like i want to quit after that..

Looking forward to 3 weeks of hell 3 weeks of no sleep and 3 months of regret until i wake up and i dont need a smoke

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Hey noodlez, at least now you know this time how rubbish it is giving in, bottle that feeling you have right now about the ash and stuff, and bring it out next time you feel like a smoke!! All the best to you, you can do this, smoking does not rule us!!! :D

Hey thanks for the support unfortunally i fell back right in after 2 days after i had set my date and bought all kinds of stuffs like gums

Thing is i get an enormous fear when i quit just common fear not fear for anything specially but i get this feeling of ekstra awareness, well my senses is definently changing all the time i mean suddenly i can be happy and not have a care in the world and next minute i can have this fear and awareness.

Also i get this dizzy feeling, and its very anoying, i wouldent say i crave for smokes all the time, cause i feel a sudden rush of happyness (this happyness can be for hours) but i also get this fear sometimes (around other people its not fear but pure dizzy)

I stoved something and i totally forgot it was on, (i never forget this) and there were smoke all over my room and it was just so strange cause i seriously forgot it was on i have no idea for me its terrifieing to quit smoking

(Sorry for my bad english)


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